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FOOD HUGGERS Set of 2 Lids (Sml - Med)

FOOD HUGGERS Set of 2 Lids (Sml - Med)

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Food Huggers - Food Huggers Set of 2 Lids - 1 2 pc Set - NPN: 00000000 -- Keep your fridge tidy with Food Huggers Bowl Lids. These high-quality, super-handy lids adapt to a range of sizes and shapes so they will fit thebowls you already own. The durable tempered-glass lens allows you tostack them to save fridge space. Plus you can easily see inside so youdont forget what you haveone of the main reasons food gets wasted.No more mismatched plastic lids or single-use plastic and foil wraps.Dishwasher safe, they are sold in sets of overlapping sizes to fit a widerange of bowls and also as singles so that customers can buy more of the sizes they need the most Stacking Lids that Fit the Bowls You Already Own!Stackable, durable tempered glass lens saves spaceSee what's inside your bowlsKeeps your fridge organized (and beautiful)Dishwasher safe & easy to clean100% BPA and phthalate freeSay goodbye to plastic wrap and foil wasteSave food, save money

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