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BOIRON Drosera Compose Blister

BOIRON Drosera Compose Blister

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Boiron - Drosera Compose Blister - 3 80 ct Units - NPN: 80087243 -- Homeopathic medicine for dry cough, spasmodic cough. Natural health product Adults and children from 12 years old Quick dissolving pellets Each tube contains 4 g (approximately 80 pellets) Non-Drowsy

INGREDIENTSdrosera 3ch, arnica montana 3ch, belladonna 3ch, artemisia cina 3ch, coccus cacti 3ch, corallium rubrum 3ch, cuprum met 3ch, ferrum phos 3ch, ipeca 3ch, solidago virga aurea 1ch
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