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RELAXUS Moonlight Mood Lamp (6.6'' x 6'')

RELAXUS Moonlight Mood Lamp (6.6'' x 6'')

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  • A realistic decorative piece designed according to images of the moon
  • Adjustable brightness and colour (from cool white to warm yellow)
  • Touch controls
  • Enchanting presence of the moon into your home or office
  • Description

    RELAXUS - Moonlight Mood Lamp - 1 Unit - NPN: 00000000 -- A unique and enchanting ultrasonic diffuser and Himalayan Salt Lamp all-in-oneThe Salt of the Earth Essential Oil Diffuser combines the aromatic scent of essential oils with the soothing glow and ambiance of a Himalayan Salt Lamp. Diffuse essential oils into the air while adding a unique lighting touch to any room.Product Features & Specification Super quiet, ultra-fine and adjustable mist output 4 Mode Timer: 1/3/6 hours or continuous Multi-coloured LED light x7 Ultrasonic technology Dry air relief Aromatherapy enhances your indoor environment and your sense of well-being Adjustable mist level Auto shut-off Water capacity: 300ml Dimensions ~ 16.8 cm x 15.2 cm 24V, 0.65A Working frequency: 2.4MHz

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