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DERMA E Hydrating Day Cream (56 Gr)

DERMA E Hydrating Day Cream (56 Gr)

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DERMA E - Hydrating Day Cream - 56 Grams -- This ultra-hydrating day cream thoroughly moisturizes and plumps to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.Rehydrates, smooths and softens dry, aging skin. Radiant skin requires long-lasting moisture. You want a dewy glow that doesnt dim as the day goes onand without proper hydration, skin can start to look parched, with fine lines and dry patches becoming more visible. You need a face cream with staying power. You need DERMA Es Hydrating Day Cream. Our ultra-hydrating face cream plumps skin so it looks youthful and healthy.The key ingredient is Hyaluronic Acid, an intense moisturizer that quenches thirsty skin so it feels soft and smooth throughout the day. Hydrating Day Cream is formulated with a powerful combination of all-natural ingredients that nourish and protect your complexion. Dry, dehydrated skin is revived with maximum moisture with our face cream, and the lightweight, silky texture wont feel heavy or greasy on your skin.Start your day right, and give your skin the nurturing it needs to look beautiful all day long.

INGREDIENTSKey IngredientsHyaluronic Acid: Known as nature’s “moisture magnet,” Hyaluronic Acid delivers intense moisture, infusing skin with healthy hydration. Hyaluronic Acid moisturizer is especially beneficial for dry skin.Green Tea: This provides vital antioxidants for the skin so it looks refreshed and glowing.Vitamin C-Ester: Also called ascorbyl palmitate, this form of Vitamin C can penetrate cell membranes for powerful antioxidant benefits. Vitamin C helps reduce the appearance of common signs of aging such as lines and wrinkles and discoloration, while also protecting skin from environmental damage.Vitamin E: Lock in moisture for a softer, younger-looking complexion with the help of this potent hydrating vitamin.Panthenol: ProVitamin B5 is extremely hydrating and keeps skin conditioned and healthy looking.Aloe Vera: This plant-derived ingredient is soothing and healing for the skin, creating a soft and supple feeling.Jojoba Seed Oil: This oil intensely moisturizes, and may also promote skin cell renewal.
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