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CANPREV pH-Pro pH Booklet (80 strips)

CANPREV pH-Pro pH Booklet (80 strips)

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  • Saliva or urine may be used for testing. Stick to one for only(saliva or urine) for testing consistency.
  • Best Times for testing are: upon rising, 10am, 3pm and in the evening.
  • It is normal for PH values to vary throughout the day (from acid to alkaline to acid again).
  • Description

    CanPrev - pH-Pro pH Booklet - 80 Test Strips - NPN: N/A -- These pH test strips provide a simple and accurate method of measuring the pH level of your body. Inside this booklet you will find eighty (80) test strips, clear instructions for testing urine and saliva, and a pH colour chart.pH 5.5-9.0

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