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Natures Way

NATURE'S WAY Mega-Zyme (100 tabs)

NATURE'S WAY Mega-Zyme (100 tabs)

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  • Highest Potency Pancreatic Enzyme Complex
  • Breaks Down Fats And Carbohydrates In The Small Intestine
  • Helps Break Down Foods With 10X's The Strength
  • Most Similar To Your Body's Natural Enzymes
  • Contains Full-Strength, Undiluted Pancreatic Extract
  • Description

    Natures Way - Mega-Zyme - 100 Tablets - NPN: 80051578 -- Nature's Way Mega-Zyme digestive and pancreatic enzymes help digest proteins. Ten different enzymes are combined to provide effective protein digestion action.Good health begins with good digestion. With Mega-zyme healthy digestive function and relief from bloating, gas and indigestion is possible. Containing a high dosage of important digestive enzymes including Pancreatin (10x), protease, amylase, lipase, bromelain and others, Mega-Zyme is ideal for those who experience frequent indigestion

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